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Scaling Innovation & Creating Agile SuccessLearn to Survive & Thrive through Fluid Innovation

tom-55Many people consider innovation to be something a group of special people do off to the side. They create innovation teams, innovation labs, or skunk works. Although these approaches can and do work, they are really missing the point.

In a world of continuous change everyone is called to innovation.

“Innovation is easier than most people imagine.”  – Tom Meloche


If you have come to this site seeking a company to simply implement a handful of Agile practices into your workplace, you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, if you are interested in exploring the true possibilities of Agile techniques, if you want to understand how to create an innovative agile enterprise that dramatically improves productivity while simultaneously becoming a more joyful workplace,  then read on…

While we are huge fans of Agile software development, our studies and practical experience suggested that Agile as practiced today is not enough, that it is missing some fundamental elements necessary to make it scale. We do not come to these conclusions lightly.

We have been there from the beginning…

We have been directly involved in creating Agile from the beginning.

Members of our Team were part of The Extreme Programming Team on the C3 project at Chrysler that was the very first of the modern Agile projects – the project that started xp, the first of the Agile methodologies. 

From here to the Java Factory at Interface Systems, to the founding of Menlo Innovations (Joy Inc.). We know what it takes to build the world’s best and most successful Agile teams.

…but we found a problem with Agile…

However, we soon noticed a disturbing trend. Even though small Agile teams continually demonstrated an ability to increase productivity as much as 800% larger corporations were lucky to sustainably improve productivity 25 to 50%. Something was holding Agile back.

So we worked with some of the world’s top companies until…

To understand the problem we embedded ourselves in large scale Agile implementations for years. We worked directly with executives, directors, managers, and programmers to understand where the system was breaking down and why. Fortunately, we were able to do this in some of the world’s best run and most successful companies.  We learned first-hand why Agile innovation wasn’t scaling. We also identified the solution.

We discovered the solution to making Agile scale-able!

We call our solution Fluid. Fluid is not simply a new methodology nor a tool-set; but an entirely new way to frame problems and solutions. It is an organizational philosophy encompassing everything from how to build innovative companies, to how to improve school systems, to how to improve religious organizations and NGOs, to how to reform governments. Fluid is a approach to improving all human organizational/political systems.

It turns out if you want to scale large enough for major global corporations, you develop a system that scales large enough for everybody – and developing those systems is what we have mastered.


Only upon further reflection did we realize how many of the core Fluid principles were accidentally discovered at Menlo Innovations, LLC over a decade ago. Now we understand how to truly explain the Menlo miracle to others. Menlo produced not only productivity gains but also joy, the name of Richard Sheridan’s bestselling book on Menlo Innovatios is Joy Inc.: How we built a workplace people love.


We help organizations become places people love.

We want to help build a world that people love.

We know how to scale innovation, and joy, even to the largest of human undertakings. Making our initiatives vastly more efficient, productive, sustainable, innovative, and joyful.

…and now we’d love to work with you, helping to turn your organization into an innovative, profitable and productive place that people love!